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World Affairs


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World Affairs

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    Emperor Trump Yes, the man we know as Donald Trump was once Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus

    18 Items Needed in Bug-out-Bag

    A bug-out bag is basically a bag to just grab and go in an emergency when you decide to abandon the house and head for the hills or to another safer locationThis should be packed and ready at all times

    9 Skills to Barter

    What can I barter withWhen most people think about barter in or after a crisis, they think of what do I have of material value like gold,silver or tools that can be used to barter

    Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness PlanningMost people want to be prepared in case of a natural disaster or man caused disasterMany of these same people don't do any emergency preparedness planning because of not knowing where to begin or think that it would be too much money or because just old fashioned procrastination

    The (economic) crisis is a crisis in consciousness, the crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions and considering what the world is now, with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression and so on Man is still as he was, is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive and he has built a society along these lines

    In looking back at the lives of my parents and grandparents, I remember seeing a lifestyle of food cellars where they stocked up and stored food in case of an emergency, or to get them through a hard winter Though that tradition was slowly vanishing for many years, it is now being renewed more than ever, due to all the environmental & economic challenges we are seeing around us

    The Eight Rarest Animals in the World

    Wildlife conservation holidays are a great way to get up close and personal to some of the world’s rarest animals However, if you want to spot an animal that’s not often seen in the wild you’ll need to travel a long way

    Magnesium Sulphate which is very much in use these days in mining, farming, and paper, pulp, as well as fermentation industries is one of the most useful chemical present in today’s date The magnesium is found in fertilizers, fireproofing materials, detergents, steel furnaces, ceramics and so many other things

    Last year, the EPA released a list of over 40 “high hazard potential” sites around the country that contain coal combustion residuals, which are commonly referred to as coal ash This substance is a product of burning coal and is often stored in containment ponds or dams near electrical utilities

    Marine Conservation Projects

    Conserving marine life appears to be increasingly getting tougher Global warming which has come about due to deforestation and increased carbon dioxide emissions, threatens the existence of all marine life

    Poland U-turn on Plastic Bag Tax

    In December 2009 Poland announced that it would be looking to increase the tax on plastic bags in order to change the views of the consumer to start reusing bags In January 2010, however, Poland has decided to back out of their promise of raising tax causing outrage within many green and pro-recycling activists

    Einstein's Last Request

    On July 9, 1955 in London, Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell, along with many other world famous scientists and philosophers, issued a heartfelt plea to humankind The Russell-Einstein Manifesto was Einstein's final public act before his death

    Has Wikipedia damaged its reputation as a reliable, unbiased news source Maybe the question itself is tongue in cheek, but serious questions have recently been raised regarding the availability of information versus the possible threat to human life

    China has seen great economic development over the decades This has taken place largely to the benefit of their population, but some problems have arisen

    For centuries, ever since Buddhism was introduced into the country, the Sangha or the Buddhist monastic order has been one of the nation’s greatest institutions Under royal patronage of all the kings and with the support of the Government and the people, it has even possessed the right to govern itself

    The State Of Leadership In The World

    Its very clear that the world is at a crossroads at the moment - economically & politically and even culturally Several political conflicts in the middle east and other developing nations, combined with the threat of nuclear force from Iran and North Korea, at a time when the global economy is in a mild downturn, and several regions are really suffers for it

    Natural Gas

    It may surprise you to know that the gas we use around our homes every day is made up mainly of methane - the same chemical gas that’s found in the gas expelled by humans on an almost daily basis The gas supplied to our homes is actually called Natural Gas, and here we take a look at its properties

    People watch the military news to see how service men are getting on in places like Iraq and Afghanistan Men and women on active service are even interviewed by the media, something that would not have happened during World War II when nobody was interested in the views of enlisted men

    Going Green is Easier Than You Think

    “Going Green” is a term more and more of us are becoming aware of You see it on magazine covers in the supermarket checkout line

    The Impossible Becomes Possible

    Our reincarnated savage would look round on a populace who, in spite of an unhealthy, stunted and weedy appearance, were yet able to perform feats which necessitated a nervous system quite incomprehensible to him The fact that everyone can perform without thinking the extraordinary act of reading; the possibility of any little girl becoming a telephone operator is a reality

    Shortly afterward the company established offices on the West Coast more convenient quarters were secured in the fine Hayward Building, known as "the first skyscraper in San Francisco," to which the Head Office moved on January 1, 1902 The pioneering work accomplished, Mr

    The World is on a clean renewable energy kick I was watching Modern Marvels and saw stories of how solar towers are being built around the world as I write this article

    International cost of living rankings are the result of comparing the cost of an expatriate’s personal budget, using the local prices for the same defined quantities of the same goods and services in each country throughout the world Our findings show that the compound impact of the multifaceted global economic trends that impact each country in one way or another, are contributing to rapid substantial changes in the relative cost of living of countries around the world

    Buy Tobacco Illegally in Canada?

    In tobacco-related news: Recent reports in several media outlets throw some light on the deepening problem that illegal small cigar factories, known as chinchals, pose for the Cuban government It turns out that other United States neighbors face similar problems in managing the flow of tobacco

    What will be the synergistic effect of these five trends as they begin to collide -- Population Growth, Global Warming, Doomsday Predictions, Technological Interdependence, and Economic Collapse Imagine an overpopulated planet suffering from dramatic and unpredictable weather, fighting for scarce resources in what is likely to be the worst economic crisis in history, with millions of people looking around the corner expectantly for the apocalypse, all the while depending on outside technologies and institutions for personal survival

    The Looming Afghanistan Disaster

    Their Drive-by-Media, have largely swept this administration's multitude of failures and gaffes under the rug God help us, but all this may be about to change and the sheer incompetence with which Obama and his administration is stumbling through history could possibly and tragically crash down on us like a zillion tons of bricks and American blood

    I recently stayed at a high-end Hotel for business and was struck by how empty the place was No matter where I went I was alone, wandering the halls of a seemingly empty facility

    Everyday you hear something on the television or radio promoting the green movement You decide that there's no reason not to join on the bandwagon and give the "go green" movement a try

    Gifts For Earth Day

    In these days of environmental awareness, Earth Day is more popular and important than ever It’s celebrated on April 22nd, and is intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment

    Over the last couple years, many consumers were burned badly by the state of the economy and the failing of many of the banks people have relied upon for generations At the beginning of 2007, the United States had five investment banks, through which a lot of investment transactions occurred

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