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Wireless Networks


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Wireless Networks

    Wireless networks provide an inexpensive and easy way to share a single Internet connection among several computers.

    Having a wireless network opens up many possibilities.

    If you hate having to turn on a modem every time you use another computer on your wireless network, get ready to be happy.

    Every day we are seeing more and more electronic gadgets that are advertised as being Bluetooth enabled. This may leave you feeling excited or it may leave you trying to figure out what all of the fuss is about.

    If you have multiple computers in your home - and multiple people who need internet access, for business, school, or social matters

    This article describes how to connect a modem using USB to wireless router ethernet.

    Wireless networking involves a computer network that transmits data. It is commonly called WiFi.

    One of the fastest growing and most exciting technologies these days is devices that use some sort of wireless network.

    Wireless technology has literally changed our lives. This up and coming method of communication has literally changed the way we live. Many of us cannot imagine a day without using a wireless device.

    With a wireless network, not only can you share Internet connectivity, but you can share files. You can put a file on a shared drive, and then anyone on any computer in your house can access it.

    Many people are afraid to consider a wireless router because wireless routers are relatively new technology. But wireless routers can really simplify Internet access in your home, small business, or large company.

    Nokia, Sony, even Verizon Wireless is unveiling the newest trend in Blue Tooth technology, the headset. Demand is high, and understandably so. Studies have shown that many accidents occur while people are dually driving and speaking on cell phones. A Blue Tooth headset can solve the problem by freeing both hands for the wheel.

    Setting Up A Home Network

    Networks For Home make home networking childs play.

    Most wireless home networks are not properly secured leaving your files and internet connection vulnerable to anyone in range. Learn how to secure your network in a few simple steps.

    Running a business from home has its advantages, including no commute, a more accommodating work schedule, fresh coffee and home-cooked meals at any time you want. But running a business from home using a home wireless local area network (WLAN) with your computer may lead to thievery of confidential information and hacker or virus penetration unless proper actions are taken.

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