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    Stuffed Animals For Teen Girls

    You are never too old for stuffed animals. Girls in their teenage years still love to receive those plush bears, cats and dogs.

    How to Help Anorexic Children

    Your attitude and beliefs about children and teenagers and the interaction of the parents affect the way you respond to your anorexic child.

    Is your teen only interested in participating in local fashion shows, like ones that may be run by local fashion designers or local fashion store owners? Or, are they interested in making it big? These are important questions that you may want to get answers to because it may actually mean the difference between a yes and a no answer.

    As a parent, are you apprehensive to discuss sexuality with your teenager? Many teenagers want to be able to discuss sexuality with their parents, but may be afraid to because of the consequence or feel like their parents will not listen, become suspicious. Here are 7 common mistakes to avoid when discussing sexuality with your teenager:

    Interracial relationships, though quite commonplace, are still confusing to many parents, and downright frowned upon by others. Does love really come painted in a specific color? The issue is examined in this parent/teen conflict.

    Learning Respect For Adults

    Just wanted to share a sweet story about my son Kieren, who is 14 years old and about how he shows me respect.

    As a parent during these hard financial times, do you ever get concerned about your teenagers financial future? With historic foreclosure rates, recurring job losses, and volatile stock market conditions, what is it that you tell your teenager about debt and money? Here are 7 ways to debt proof your teenager

    This article provides a quick and easy overview of the kinds of mental health problems that can affect your kids or teenagers. Read about them now, before it is too late!

    Being Able To Recognise Teen Stress

    Most Teens attribute their anger towards another person rather than direct it inwards.

    Making Your Kids Bike Safe

    If you have kids that like to ride your motorcycle with you, you are likely very concerned with making the entire experience safe. Learning which parts and tools that are available for your kids will help you to accomplish this goal.

    As the parent of a teenager, have you recently lost your job? Are you wondering what to tell your teenager? Or are you concerned about how this may effect your teenager's life? Here are some tips on what parents of teenagers can do when they lose their job.

    Everyone's gone through the troubled teen years. Everything seems out of place and you just want to get away from it all.

    . As a parent during these shifting financial times, what can you tell your teenager about money? Besides the fact that it does not grow on trees? As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be responsible adults and financially successful ones. Here are 7 financial attitudes that can help your teenager and money.

    As a parent, do you feel like technology has taken over your teenager's world? Does your teenager spend what seems like hours texting or literally hours on the computer? Or do you sometimes feel a sense of distance in your relationship with your teenager because technology? Here are 7 tips for parents of the wired generation

    How To Teach Your Teen To Drive Safely

    Teens and automobiles are a dangerous combination. In fact, car crashes are the leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 13 and 19. You need to be sure your teen is adequately prepared to get behind the wheel of an automobile.

    As a parent, are you wondering whether or not to allow your teenager to drink at home? Here are 5 reasons parents should not promote teenage drinking at home.

    Bulimics normally become very good at hiding their condition from family and friends. Bulimia has been described as secretive and sneaky and it most certainly is.

    The Real Dangers Of Myspace Surfing

    The myspace website is an hot bed for sexual predators preying on teens and young children and here are some of the risks that your children are exposed to on a daily basis.

    Is your kid drinking or doing drugs? Do not put your head in the sand. Read this article to discover what help is available-before it is too late!

    Does your kid need counseling? If so, this article will explain everything you need to know about adolescent counseling and how it works.

    As a parent, it can become overwhelming trying to finagle your day job, household responsibilities, and caring for sick family members. Here are some tips to keep your sanity during the flu season with your teenager

    Sixteen - The Keys To Freedom

    Turning sixteen means the keys to a set of wheels - that is what makes it such an important day in most young peoples lives.

    Not that any special holiday is needed, but Valentine's Day can be a great time to begin a new with your teenager. Here are some ideas on how to share Valentines' Day with your teenager

    For most issues related to teenagers, fads rule the roost. And skin care issues are highest among teenager.

    Discover the magic keys to reducing your teenagers stress level so he or she can go on to live the healthy and happy life he deserves.

    If you have brought up your children with love and care, and they show signs of having inculcating the morals and ethics that you so carefully instilled in them, you are bound to feel proud of it.

    Use family meetings to create a framework for identifying solutions as a family. This makes the family unit the authority instead of just you (which is a set up for power struggles).

    Christian Parenting Tips and Advice

    They turn from a happy child to an angry stranger right before your eyes

    What's so great about learning a foreign language abroad? Here are three reasons why it may be for you.

    Cyber Insecurity vs Internet Security

    It is easier for a predator or a pedophile to gain the trust of one of your children online than it is for me to convince parents or adults to trust me when I tell them the Internet has changed.

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