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    General Information About Patents

    Patent infringement is a serious offense in the United States. Patent infringement can lead to serious damage awards if the case goes to trial.

    Numerous valuable patents exist in the government vaults that when enforced by private companies can return money to the government. But defendant infringers offer stiff resistance, by trying to drag the government back into the case and second-guess the policy decisions of the government.

    Some may think that brilliant men like Thomas Edison and Nicolai Tesla are rare these days but I know better. As a matter of fact I have a friend who is a certifiable genius inventor, inventing things like an engine that runs on tap water and a device that increases gas mileage by nearly 40%.

    Creating a new product, a new machine or launching a business with its own distinct lines is a crapshoot. It's hard to tell what ideas will take off and sell and which ones won't. But the odds in an inventor or businessperson's favor can be greatly reduced if their products and/or ideas aren't protected. This is where the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office can make a real difference.

    Patent Protection Makes Sense

    For an inventor, getting a patent on an idea can mean the difference between finding good investors that will help launch a company or a design or running into a hornets' nest of people who would prefer to grab the idea, run with it and leave the inventor empty handed.

    If you're of the creative type, it's quite likely you've made something you'd like to protect from others. Whether it's the creation of a novel, a new fabric softener or you're trying to launch a new business that will have its own unique brand, hiring an attorney to help may be in order.

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