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    With its stellar growth, Dubai has been known for alluring every business opportunists due its efficient licensing rules, infrastructure, and ease of work In a survey "the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2014," the Emirate has been indicated as the easiest places to do business

    Allergic reactions can affect all ages of children, including infants, and adults, male or female Everyone reacts differently to allergic reactions and the most commonly used options prescribed by their doctors act differently on each person

    If you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact an attorney, for a personal injury sustained by another person, you want a seasoned and highly skilled lawyer with a record of accomplishment in the area of personal injury representationPersonal injuries fall under the category of injuries at work, car crashes, any kind accident, medical mistakes, slip and fall accidents, and products you bought showing defect causing you or your family harm

    Auto accidents are a daily occurrence and with these accidents result in injuries occurring on a daily basis that can at ties be severe and have dangerous and painful side effects that do not show themselves right away Many victims are not aware that some injuries cannot be detected until days, weeks or even months after the auto accident has occurred

    When you are involved in an unfortunate auto accident, this incident leaves possible physical and emotional scars whether it is your fault or the other driver's fault When you are involved in a car crash, there are precise steps you need to take to protect your rights and working with a Sedalia Car Accident Attorney can help ensure your rights are properly protected

    Unless you are a lawyer or are well attuned to the judicial system, you should never represent yourself in a court of law in a legal action after a loved one dies due to the actions or lack of action of another When you hire an experienced legal representative in a action against another person or organization, you will also learn about all of your legal options

    The UAE is not a signatory to REMO Nevertheless, foreign financial orders can be enforced within the UAE however, there can be difficulties as set out below

    Arbitration - A Challenging Issue

    Legal Rule By force of law an Arbitrator(s) has to suspend the arbitration proceedings with immediate effect if a party to an arbitration process challenges the arbitrator while or during the arbitration processes are going on, until a resolution has been made on the challenge which was has been raised by such party by an authority or court of law which has the right to rule on such a point

    Shariah lays down the relations that qualify as heirs following the death of an individual The deceased's estate can only be transferred to persons who qualify as heirs under Shariah Law principles

    Power of Attorney

    A Power of Attorney is a notarised letter of authority given by a person or a company to another person or a company, which allows them to act for and on behalf of the original person in various government departments and for contractual purposes The attorney and the person giving it must be over 21 years of age and must be of sound mind

    Family Law - Marriage Dissolution

    The dissolution of a marriage is a legal act that may not coincide with the emotional tearing asunder Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned

    Terms and conditions to be applied when delivering a suspect are set out in Article 7 of Law No 39 these state that: 1

    Challenging an Arbitration

    In this case the losing party will file an annulment case However, it may be possible to argue that the parties have accepted the tribunal’s jurisdiction, or have waived any right to object, or have lost that right by not objecting at the first opportunity

    Business Law - Liquidation

    The provisions of the Company Law concerning liquidation are to be applied unless the company’s Memorandum or Articles of Association provide a specific procedure for its liquidation, upon resolving the company’s dissolution an agreement is reached between the partners as to its liquidation-n procedure

    Pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson, maker of the popular brands Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, has been found liable for a women's death in connection with the use of the products A jury has awarded Marvin Salter, the foster son of the deceased victim Jacqueline Fox of Birmingham Alabama, and the victim's estate, a total of $72 million, $10 million in compensatory damages to Salter and $62 million in punitive damages to the estate

    The growth of international businesses in Dubai has made it a major commercial hub for global institutions and companies The articles below provide an insight into the different types of business organizations in Dubai, and the processes involved in the dissolution, amalgamation, transformation and liquidation of businesses

    Legal Rule Under normal circumstances the general rule is that an arbitration award shall be valid only if signed on all pages by the arbitrator However the exception to this rule is that the arbitrator's signature on the last page alone of the award shall suffice provided the last page contains a part of the reasoning of the award

    Cheques in the United Arab Emirates

    Since a cheque is meant to replace money, people must have trust in it Therefore the United Arab Emirates penal law levied a punishment against anyone issuing insufficient funds its due date

    The vast deserts, the bustling cities, and the enormous skyscrapers of the United Arab Emirates eclipse the comprehensive legal system that accounts for the everyday workings of daily life For those living in the country and those that understand the ins and outs of the system, it is a magnificent organism that details the protection of its inhabitants

    Custody laws in the United Arab Emirates are mainly transcribed in Federal Law No 28 of the year 2005 (UAE Personal Affairs Law), and I will refer to these articles in covering the Court's discretion in family law issues

    Legal Principle Article 215 and 217 of the Civil Procedures Law of the UAE states that a person does not have the right to enter into an arbitration agreement if the signatory does not have the authority to bind the person it is representing through a private power of attorney to sign such a contract to arbitrate

    Legal Principle Under normal circumstances it is presumed that Arbitration procedures have been complied with by all concerned parties The burden of proof to prove the contrary shall fall on the party claiming so

    Legal Principle A party to an arbitration contract have right to request annulment of arbitration award if arbitrator did not follow the procedures contained in the arbitration contract or the agreed terms of reference Terms of reference Terms of reference is the agreement between the arbitrator(s) and the parties containing the rules applicable to arbitration, procedural time table, and the list of issues to be decided by the arbitration tribunal

    Most women seeking divorce have 3 priorities: 1 Divorce Certificate 2

    R Allen Smith and his Mississippi law firm, the Smith Law Firm, announced another baby powder ovarian cancer win last week, this time forcing Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages

    The recent talcum powder lawsuit verdict in favor of the plaintiff that took place before the City of St Louis Circuit Court revealed a host of nefarious actions taken by Johnson & Johnson to cover up and conceal their knowledge of the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer from the public

    Although Article 17/1 of the Civil Code of the UAE provides that it is the law of the deceased that shall govern the inheritance at the time of his death, Article 17(5) of the same law provided that UAE law shall apply to wills made by aliens disposing of their real property located in the State Moreover, Article 1/2 of the UAE Personal Status Law states that "the provisions of the law shall apply to non-UAE nationals unless the foreigner elects to apply his or her personal status law"

    A guide for choosing a Johnson’s baby powder attorney, women and family members of women who believe they may have grounds to file an ovarian cancer claim or talcum powder lawsuit As news of the latest talcum powder verdict hit mainstream news sources early in 2016, attorneys handling baby powder cancer lawsuits have experienced a surge in the number of talcum powder lawsuit inquiries they receive each day

    90% of the cases will involve witnesses and they can have the biggest impact on the outcome of the case, hence reading the article will provide valuable information to ensure a strong claim We will explain who are accepted as witnesses and what their impact could mean for the outcome

    Family Law - Settlement Agreements

    Introduction Following a No Objection Certificate from the Family Guidance committee, the parties can file their family case in the Dubai Courts In the second part of the of the guide through family court proceedings, we shall be outlining some of the common mistakes made by parties while entering into settlement agreements due to the absence of a competent attorney and sound legal advice

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