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    Hawaii can be a challenging place to find good executive leadership training programs Executives often have to spend time and money traveling to the mainland for intensive courses that may or may not suit their style

    Leadership is the act of moving an organization or person from one state to another state Effective leadership is about getting them to their goals in one piece

    The Art of Public Speaking

    The thоught оf making a speech wіll ѕtrіkе fear іntо the hеаrtѕ оf most реорlе Evеn the mоѕt соmреtеnt аnd knоwlеdgеаblе реrѕоn will hаvе ѕоmе hеѕіtаtіоn when іt соmеѕ to inspirational public ѕреаkіng

    There are a lot of reasons why people feel timid about themselves For Some it might be the fact that they lack confidence in themselves or they think they are inferior to others

    There is an enormous difference between a motivational speaker and inspirational speaker; however, in my opinion, you should choose a speaker who is each of them First of all, I will mark out the difference and then show you the reasons you need either

    All through the history of human civilization, people have expressed their confidence and strength, not only by force but also by the reputable art of public speaking Orators of ancient Greece were highly respected and appreciated in the community

    Not every human born on this earth is naturally born with the skill of speaking Most of the world’s famous Humorous speakers are self-taught

    Habits of Successful Leaders

    Through the years, there have been so many attempts to analyze leaders to discover their secrets This is so that other people who aspire to be leaders can learn what it takes to live up to their potential

    The network marketing industry has provided more millionaires in the last ten years than in any other industry So how do you define leadership

    In a recent article in Fortune Magazine (January 18, 2010) there is a sad, disturbing story about a billionaire who has a pattern of battling with his “exes” in court; ex-employees, ex-associates, and especially ex-wives (there are four of them to date) A pattern is a behavior that repeats and repeats in many different situations

    Leadership With A Twist Of Lemon

    When you’re down and out, or at least down for the count, what do you do Think about it for a moment - everyone’s been there

    Discover the Art of Covert Hypnosis

    The word ‘Covert’ when associated with the word ‘Hypnosis” conveys the impression that something black hat is being referred to and that a person possessing the art can use it in a profitable yet harmful way Nothing can be further from the truth

    Is your organization spending too much time seemingly rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic Are the senior decision makers consistently voicing the need to make substantial change in the face of a complex and dynamic environment yet no real change takes place

    Recession Recession Recession Its the word being thrown most around organisations atm, but how should it directly affect leadership styles used in organisations, and the leadership development programmes it offers to its employees

    The Cure for Management Overload

    It is not easy being a leader today Most organizations have eliminated layers of management and the average span of control for managers has increased significantly

    Some people seem to have everything going in their way It can be said that they have the “Midas touch”

    If I read another article that starts with, “during these tough times,” I am going to scream Let’s get with it, leaders, these times are why we exist

    Selecting Winners

    Early in my management career, I had the opportunity to participate in a management development program that my company created for young managers with great potential The company was headquartered in Dallas, so one of our speakers was Gil Brandt, who at the time, was VP of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys

    Real Team Building

    When you hear the term “team building” , the first thing that may come to mind are things such as ropes courses, a weekend retreat, or some other form of recreational activity that is intended to build camaraderie among a group and inspire them to work better together In my years of business and consulting experience, I have never seen such activities take a dysfunctional group of people and turn them into a high performance team

    In this recessionary period, many business leaders across the world are turning to a variety of solutions to help them build a solid set of leadership to help them (and their business) weather the recession as well as possible Leadership isn't just a simple case of charisma + confidence + likeability

    How To Easily Become Leader When Abroad

    If you're sufficiently 'middle' in 'middle management', then you will have probably experienced the pleasure that is

    Exerting Good Leadership In The Home

    Any parent understands that a happy and healthy home is one under good leadership Children need a relatively firm hand to guide them through the tricky decisions and challenges that life throws at them

    Understanding the Petition Process

    When you want to submit a petition about some issue that has importance for you and a region, you do need to understand the petition process in order for it to be effective Government agencies have a specific petition process (http://www

    Generally speaking, there are two sects in the society One sect is that of leaders who lead and the other sect comprises of the followers who follow the leaders

    What Is A Leader?

    Brief Summary: Did you know that leadership impacts everything Do you have what it takes to be a true leader

    A challenge for small business owners like myself is spending enough time working on the business Most of our time is spent working in the business

    In these times, whether you are trying to save your company or your career, the soft skills of emotional intelligence pay hard dividends There is ample evidence linking emotional intelligence to effective leadership

    Is the 'Modern' Leadership Model Dead?

    With the economic recession in full swing, the fortune 500 seeing an 84% drop in profits, and unemployment rates rising One has to ask the question: "Is our trusted leadership model dead

    What makes a good leader We need to understand the basic of leadership development

    Important Leadership Qualities

    A leader is one who leads and his ability to influence and at the same time motivate all the people around him and to control their minds and achieve all of the desired objectives is what is meant by leadership So, in order to lead it is very much important that one should have certain leadership qualities in him

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