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    A dazzling designer gemstone, the mystic fire topaz is a beautiful and unique style of jewelry the birthstone for those born in November and makes a great gift for that special person in your life.

    Jewelry has inspired and enjoyed millions of people over the last couple decades. This articles focuses on the significance of these jewels...

    Selecting the right bridal jewelry that perfectly matches your wedding gown is no ordinary task to do for women. You need careful selection so that you will truly gleam during your much awaited day. It is both your partners day so you certainly would like to look your best.

    Jewelry Boxes To Be Given As Gifts

    Jewelry boxes are not limited to jewelry storage only. They can be used to keep the other stuff as well. There has been a trend of making gift of a personalized jewelry box to your mother, father or fiance at any sort of occasion. Making a jewelry box is not that easy but not that difficult either

    Whether it's our beloved heirloom pieces or the trendy baubles we love to wear for just one season, jewelry is a fun and versatile way to express one's personality. The jewelry we wear can also tell a lot about us - from a classic strand of pearls to a bold cuff bracelet to sparkling, dangling earrings.

    Fine jewelry is not just for grown-ups anymore. Many wish to give jewelry to a baby or child which will serve as a keepsake as the young one grows into adulthood. Baby jewelry as a gift is not only a special present for the child, but also his or her parents, who will appreciate its sentimental value.

    Pearls Create a Bling of Their Own This Fall

    For a look that drips with gorgeous luster, pearls are making headlines in Fall 2008. Some of the most famous celebrities have been seen around New York City and L.A. donned in dazzling pearl strands.

    The high pressure high temperature technique is a relatively new technological advancement.

    By purchasing a diamond engagement ring online you will also have access to a wide selection.

    Facts And History Of Jewelry

    Serving lot of utilitarian purposes, jewelry has been part of human life since prehistoric times and is still vital to the economic growth of a country.

    This article explains the difference between conflict free diamonds and 'blood' diamonds, and why the traceability of the gems for jewelry or industry is an essential part of ethical trading.

    An article on how to judge a diamond by it's cut, colour, clarity and carat; known in the trade as the four C's.

    Skilled artisans are adept at creating subtle and understated details using fine silver and embellishments, crafting unique and one-of-a-kind pieces anyone would love to display and wear. This is a far cry from simply stringing beads and chains together as a craft project.

    Find out about astrology, true birthstones and their healing use in jewelry design for a truly unique and personal piece of jewelry for the soul.

    An article about Tiaras for special occasions and their historical significance.

    There are some hot trends in diamond jewelry these days, but are they the right choice for you, or should you go more unique?

    The shape of a diamond is something which brings about a uniqueness to both the stone and the individual who wears it.

    The staff members at AGS laboratories review each and every diamond which comes their way and then institute a detailed report stating various characteristics of the stone.

    Turquoise is still sacred to the Navajo. And they still count on it for protection from harm and illness.

    For Men Only: Buy a Diamond Like a Pro

    Chances are that when a man hears the word "diamond," his favorite baseball team's field comes to mind rather than that precious gem that every woman dreams of wearing. There is no denying, buying a diamond is a major league gift-giving event, and there are important rules to this game to ensure all bases are covered.

    Tips for Buying the Tiara of Your Choice

    A tiara is no longer an ornament for the rich. If you know where and how to shop, you can even afford to buy a glittering crown for a child.

    The GIA diamond grading report is formulated as a result of meticulous scrutiny of individual diamonds to determine their true characteristics.

    A diamond has an extremely hard consistency to it which is one of its many wonderful attributes.

    Diamond engagement ring purchasers have quite a few options when it comes to choosing the perfect ring.

    Selecting The Best Diamond Ring

    Selecting the best diamond ring may be very difficult for you at start. In order for you to get going through your selection the first thing that comes into your mind is visiting a jewelry store.

    Diamond Cufflinks For A Wedding

    Ah! The wedding bells have started to ring! Bride and groom wait a long time for such a grand occasion that comes only once in a while. The celebration would rock the entire field with lots of fun around.

    An Insight To Diamond Bangles

    Diamond bangles are really exclusive and they come in many different styles. Women of any age group dearly love to wear the diamond bangles, especially when they go to weddings or out to an evening party.

    Why Buy A Diamond Watch

    Diamonds are always pleasurable and it gives you so many reasons for your happiness! Diamond Jewellery comes with different collections like diamond rings, diamond necklace and diamond watches!

    An Insight To Buying Diamond Earrings

    Diamond earrings are always exclusive and elegant and it creates a close impact in a short time. Considered as the best graceful gift.

    Allergies and infections can be caused by body piercing. Taking certain precautions before and after piercing can reduce the risk of infection.

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