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    Basics Of HTML For Professional Web Design

    HTML is a language used for professional web design. Hyper text markup language is full form of html.

    All the text that is entered on a page should come between body tags. Container tags are body tags that tell a web browser what parts of the HTML document should be displayed in the browser window.

    Image tags with its source attribute points to the uniform resource locator that is URL of the graphic file to be displayed to add an inline image to the web document. The tag is added to the HTML document at the location in which we want to display the image. Then file name is replaced with the URL of the image we want to display.

    Navigation In Professional Web Design

    Navigation is that system that links on your site plays a big role in determining the stickiness of your site. Try giving importance to navigation and linking.

    Microsoft frontpage is one of the most recent versions of the popular all in one professional web design tool kit.

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