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    How Can Hydrogen Effect The Economy

    Hydrogen and the effects on the economy can be huge. Taking money away from the large oil companies and reducing our dependence on foreing fuel.

    Could a game show like Fox's "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" have any redeeming social value? It might when contestants like Kathy Cox, Georgia Superintendent of Schools, choose to participate. Learn how to claim your million without ever being on the show.

    The British announces plans to fund an End of Life Care strategy to provide expert care in people's final days. The scheme will see more people choosing to die at home, with specialist care and help from trained professionals.

    For what people around the world consider the U.S. as the richest, most powerful, and most efficient country on the globe, how did we get to face the dilemmas of higher gasoline, energy, and food prices? The answer lies in our idiotic mainstream energy policies such as adoptions of no new oil explorations, over reliance of alleged renewable sources of energy, and a non-nuclear energy stance.

    Women Take Top Spanish Positions

    For the first time the majority of the Spanish Cabinet are women. It used to be a man's world, but around the world women are increasingly finding their way to the top based on merit.

    This is a conceptual outline, a starting point for developing the nitty-gritty details, rules, regulations, laws, and agencies. All that is required is the will to change. Politicians like to debate changes to determine why new ideas can't be implemented. Here's a plan that must be implemented. Have a listen, throw out an incumbent.

    The Regulation of Energy Deregulation

    This article gives you a brief history, as well as success and failures surrounding energy deregulation in the United States.

    This is the 17th world audit report of the millennium, in which we review the state of public corruption; current practice in human rights; political rights;free speech;and the overall state of the rule of law in 150 nations (exceeding 1 million population).By reference to these, we compile the world democracy table with its subsidiary statistical table.

    With record numbers of new registered voters, the signal is clear that they want to take part in picking our next president. With this interest is the need to know more about the powers of the presidency.

    With record numbers of new registered voters, the signal is clear that they want to take part in picking our next president. With this interest is the need to know more about the powers of the presidency.

    With record numbers of new registered voters, the signal is clear that they want to take part in picking our next president. With this interest is the need to know more about the powers of the presidency.

    With the record numbers of newly registered voters, the signal is clear that the voters want to take part in picking our next president. An understanding of the powers of the president can give people a strong basis answering this question.

    So in the end it is largely an indigenous thing; a version of the theme "we have met the enemy and they are us".

    Can The Bush Tax Cut Work?

    Can the impending economic stimulus package that the Bush administration is creating have the power to keep the US from recession? This article discusses some of the factors of the economic crisis.

    90% of all Americans are investors and, as such, there are issues that we need to hear about from the man who would be king. None of our could-be leaders are addressing the issues that would allow us to achieve our financial goals.

    This is a fictional work of mine on what I think the United States will look like after the first twenty years that the Fair Tax Plan has become law.

    Hillary vs. Obama Time Will Tell!

    Who will when the foot race and capture the title of President of the United States?

    Is USA prepared for a black president?

    How Hillary Stole New Hampshire

    This article describes the New Hampshire primary upset and some of the key factors that led up to the surprising results.

    This article try to give a perspective of the development of Alqaeda in its present form which did not exist prior to 911. The United States used them to help fight the Soviet Union invasion of Afganistan.

    Debate Over Root Causes Of Terrorism

    What are the root causes of terrorism? The truth is there are many causes and no single explanation.

    As an investor, I've always wondered why Social Security is such a problem. What's so difficult about managing this particular Trust Fund, and why is it so different from other investment accounts that pay out a constant stream of income? The private sector does it routinely with defined benefit pension plans and fixed annuities, so what's the big deal?

    As Investors, we represent the single biggest voter block in the country. We must respond in one voice to the endless political drivel with a resounding "Money Talks, BS Walks".

    Your US Immigration Questions Answered

    In this article, we will cover some of the basic questions regarding immigration that many have.

    The ICE, has become the largest investigative unit of the US Department of Homeland Security, or DHS.

    In order to grasp a basic working understanding of US immigration law, which is a very important point especially to employers, it is important to be aware of and understand the scope, purpose and the source of the laws.

    Some Basic Facts About US Immigration

    Before taking that huge step to emigrate, you may find it helpful to learn some basics about US immigration.

    The passing of the US citizenship test is a real milestone for many new immigrants.

    Even though there has been a long-standing reputation of difficultly to apply for US citizenship, there are some voices who say it's never been easier to accomplish.

    In early 2003, all of the services and benefit functions of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, known as the INS, became part of the US Department of Homeland Security.

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