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    Some free sound effects sites are publishing copyrighted materials illegally and putting you and your production in danger of expensive litigation!

    Many business owners have a lot of thoughts about their business. These thoughts can occur anywhere and they feel that since they thought of it first that they should be protected under the Copyright laws.

    A Brief Understanding Of Copyright Law

    The first key in understanding copyright law is defining what it is these laws protect.

    Understanding How to Acquire a Patent

    Obtaining a patent isn't necessarily that difficult, however understanding patent laws can be very difficult.

    Defending Trademark Infringement

    Patent infringement is considered the theft of an invention, idea, or enhancement that has been filed with the U.S. Patent Office, with a given time frame of acceptable overlap of one year.

    Knowing and Understanding Copyrights

    Copyright infringement and patent infringement are not quite the same thing, although they are based on the same principle, don't steal what isn't yours.

    It typically requires a patent attorney to define all the nuances between trade secrets, patents, and trademarks, however a few basics don't require a patent attorney for a generic understanding.

    Patent infringement in America today is increasing tenfold over occurrences even just ten years ago. Technological advancement has led to a significant increase in patent infringement.

    Hiring a Patent Infringement Lawyer

    Patent infringement has become more and more prevalent in the Unites States.

    Filing a patent infringement lawsuit requires consideration to numerous values prior to making a decision.

    Understanding patent infringement also means understanding intellectual property. Obviously, the material inside my head, my thoughts, my feelings, and the brain activity that makes me who I am is mine.

    Proving that patent infringement has occurred is not quite as cut and dry as it should seem.

    Texas has found its place on the map as a hot spot for legal action, particularly for patent infringement lawsuits.

    Patent infringement and trademark violations are two different arenas. It involves the use, marketing, sale, or profit from and invention that is patented under someone else's name or company.

    Patent violations do occasionally happen accidentally. With research tools and the high level of technology available, patent violations shouldn't happen accidentally very often, but they do.

    General Information About Patents

    Patent infringement is a serious offense in the United States. Patent infringement can lead to serious damage awards if the case goes to trial.

    In the United States, patent laws vary from state to state or even from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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