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    We all do it at one time or another. We want to change, but for whatever reason, we make excuses or place blame on others for our own failures. If you're ready to change your life, find true success and happiness, then stop making these four mistakes and follow these strategies for success.

    Bill Maher and Oprah Jealous God

    Bill and Oprah have a common hang up. Bible verses that say God is a jealous God. Let's look at the word jealous and see what they seem to be missing.

    Understanding the acronym TULIP is essential for those seeking a deeper knowledge of Calvinism and Reformed Christianity. It is the basic building blocks of this faith.

    This Little Light of Mine

    Columbia Maryland resident blogger John Trout writes about an enlightening experience he had one dark night under a broken lamppost.

    Sometimes we think our sins are private. That what we do doesn't affect others. A powerful story from the Old testament reminds us that God is always watching.

    Patron Saint Medals reflect the faith of a person and offer graces to the wearer

    Procrastination seeks to rob you of God's best in your life, seeking to rob you of your destiny in Christ Jesus Our Lord. Now you can learn how to cast it out of your life and be on your way to Manifesting Your Destiny In Jesus Christ the Lord. Here are 5 steps to Overcome Procrastination once and for all.

    The Law of Attraction is a very real concept, and when you read the words of Jesus, you must believe in it!However, when you study the Law of Attraction you mustb be careful whom you're learning it from! The teachers of The Secret have brought a lot of confusion to the Christian for some very good reasons...

    The Greatest Single Bible Prophecy

    This article discusses a passage in the Bible that is so amazingly accurate and clearly fulfilled that it can be called the greatest single Bible prophecy.

    In a good, quality relationship, the two must be friends! No greater love has no man, than he lay down his life for a friend(John 15:13).

    How does one become a truly successful Christian? Even though people are diverse, the successful ones share some things in common. Here are six common traits that all successful Christian people have in common...

    Now you too can learn what it takes to hear God's voice clearly. Discover the 3 must-do's to hearing God's voice correctly and the things that you should look out for to avoid inaccuracies.

    This article shows how some of the world's leading UFO researchers are coming around to supporting the biblical Christin understanding of the origin and significance of UFOs.

    More Knowledge Leads to Frustration

    Have you gone through book after book, sermon after sermon, or article after article looking for answers that will bring you success for your life, but found yourself only coming up with more questions?

    The Stages of Ministry

    It is said that many pastors offer their resignation every Monday morning. Understanding the stages of ministry will bring the needed perspective to turn those resignations into resolve that will ultimately lead to enjoy the rewards for ministry.

    Is unconditional love a part of your daily living? Many relationship experts, marriage counselors, psychologists and therapists agree on one thing. Love offers the most powerful healing force in relationships. However, love is an often misunderstood. Here's why...

    Do you realize if a person has the mindset of being poor and acts poor, he or she will be poor? Thinking you are poor and acting like you're poor will keep you poor! You will never rise above the way you see yourself. "As a man thinketh, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7).

    In this article we are going to begin a discussion on spiritual fasting from a Christian perspective, emphasizing the power of this amazing discipline to assist you in breaking and transcending limiting patterns of thought and behavior.

    Fruits of the Holy Spirit are given to help prepare Chritians for the life in 21st centry.

    The seven gifts of the Holy spirit given to all persons who are confirmed. They are essential each christian person to spread the word of Jesus.

    The Unity Of The 7 Spirits Of God

    In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John mentions the Seven Spirits of God (Revelation 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6). For the moment, we will ignore the individual identities of these Seven Spirits, and only consider Their collective unity.

    The Bible is Not a Book of Rules

    The truth is, the Bible is not a book full of rules. It is a story. If you want to be fancy, it is a narrative. The problem for many of us, is that a story, or narrative is so much more subjective than a rule book. This is terrifying to many 'conservative' brethren. But what is so terrifying?

    Your Spiritual Journey is a Gift

    You have a gift to share. It's the story of your life. Healing, encouragement and spiritual growth can be found in the expression of the simple, ordinary experiences of your life's journey. Imagine all the people who could be touched, encouraged and healed through the simple truth that a shared journey is a gift with value.

    I decided to share my journey in the form of a spiritual autobiography. Looking at my life through the lens of spirituality, and spiritual growth, is just one way that I could have expressed my journey. This way of telling made sense for me. Perhaps it will make sense for you too?

    A New Idea for Christian Book Clubs

    How to start a Christian Book Club with an Internet component.

    With so much chaos in the world today, it is easy to worry and live in fear. The Bible is clear that we are to not waste our time worrying, instead we are to trust in the Lord.

    I Want To Know My Future

    She shouted with absolute conviction each word, "I want to know how my life is going to turn out before it happens! Didn't Christ know that He was destined to be crucified on the cross? Didn't He know everything about His life before it happened." I was shocked over her request wondering just how serious she was about knowing the complete picture of her future.

    Church Growth starts with prayer. This is the fourth and final article of a series on establishing and maintaining a fully functioning and effective prayer ministry in churches.

    Church Growth starts with prayer. This is the second of a four part series on establishing and maintaining a fully functioning and effective prayer ministry in churches.

    Church Growth starts with prayer. This is the first of a four part series on establishing and maintaining a fully functioning and effective prayer ministry in churches.

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