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    Every truck owner wants to get the maximum life out of their pickup Some last longer than others, but you can beat the odds by following some very constructive preventative maintenance tips designed to improve the longevity of your truck

    One of the best things about being the owner of a pickup truck is having the ability to carry things you wouldn’t be able to fit in your car or SUV, or you wouldn’t want to have the mess or dirt from what you are hauling damage your car upholstery So if you are an owner who uses his /her truck as a truck, make sure you protect it with bed rails

    Your Truck Bed Cover is Not Enough

    I am frequently looking for new additions for my truck in the line of accessories to improve the functionality of my pickup I have found that the heaviest concentration first and foremost should be protection of the bed, making the obvious choice a cover

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (HIHS) rates crash testing from Good, to Acceptable, to Marginal to Poor The crash testing they did for small-overlap rating of nine pickup trucks only resulted in one out of eight rating as Good

    Deciding Between a Diesel or Gas Truck

    A decade ago, diesel engines on trucks was not very good Today is different

    It seems all truck dealerships these days are pushing 4-wheel drive as an option for new pickup trucks This is a good question to think about when considering whether the use of your truck really warrants the added expense of this option or not

    So, your car has a dent or other damage, whether it's from a collision, a fallen tree, or some other accident You are probably wondering what your best option is to get it repaired as quickly as possible

    Minor accidents happen If you have been in a fender bender, or inadvertently hit a lamp post, fire hydrant or wall, then your car's bumpers are going to need some repair

    If you live in a large city, finding a quality auto body repair shop can be a challenging job If you reside in a one stop light town in rural America where everyone knows everybody, you have one, maybe two options for an auto repair business

    It has been documented that the F-150 has been the best-selling pickup truck in the US

    Fun Things to Do in Your Pickup Truck Bed

    I haven’t always been a country music fan I’m more of a rock and roll kind of guy, since I played rhythm guitar in a band for many years

    Turn Your Pickup Truck Into a Camping Tent

    Truck tents offer a great option over traditional tents in that they allow you to incorporate the bed of your truck into your shelter Depending on the model you choose, this may either provide easy access to your vehicle’s cargo area so you don’t have to leave your tent to get to your things, or it may save space by allowing you to set up camp right in your pickup’s cargo box

    We all love how versatile pickup trucks are Whether it’s a long drive on the highway, working your way through the deep woods on a dirt road, or traversing muddy terrain, our pickup trucks go through abuse every day

    Train Air Horns Sound

    Since I was a young boy, I recall loving the whistles of the train that used to run on the tracks near my house Even Paul Simon sings, "Everyone loves the sound of a train in the distance

    Moving to a new residence can be exciting and difficult at the same time – both for you and your pets Most animals easily become anxious whenever something out of the ordinary happens so just imagine how they would feel if you suddenly introduce them to a new environment

    Winter can be brutal on your car With all the beating your car endured during the cold winter months (including below zero temperatures, snow and ice, road salt, pot holes and frost heaves), you definitely need to give it the attention it deserves to keep it working at its best

    One thing that I learned a little later in life, in my late 20’s, is that the best drivers can have accidents I remember an ice storm in Indiana in 1999

    Get Money For Junk Car the Sure Fire Way

    Owning a car is by definition an exercise in money-spending At the very least, you need to constantly fill it up with fuel and then there are also the periodic tune-ups which cost money, plus the constant stream of replacement parts you need to buy for the car as the time passes

    Every year without notice, it seems that my car insurance keeps going up This year I went up $50 over an incident of fixing a dent that occurred driving through some hard snow from Reno to Sacramento

    I have been a petrol head for as long as I can remember Since I was a little girl I have been admiring pretty cars in the street – although the pink girlie cars and retro minis that I loved back then have been replaced with much more technically respectable cars, of course

    The Swiss Auto Show just ended in Geneva yesterday, with over 287,000 new auto entries Among these new entries, there were a large number of new models and concept cars for the environmentally, and ecologically minded consumers

    Do Not Forget About Car Safety

    It is an all-too-common sight: a person pulls up to a dealership in a beat-up old jalopy, walks into the showroom, and immediately starts asking the salesperson about safety features on the intended new car Then, pending the purchase, the person will continue to drive around in a car that may have bald tires, worn-out brakes, a leaky exhaust pipe, a loose steering assembly, and worn-out shock absorbers

    Just when everyone thought that things are gaining a sort of credibility for the brand Toyota and sales are returning to the beleaguered company, we find that NASA has been asked to investigate sudden acceleration problems in Toyota cars The US Regulatory authority has requested NASA to crack the puzzle behind sudden acceleration in Toyota cars

    Car Buying Tips

    When we are shopping for a car it is important to realize that this will probably be the second most expensive thing we own and will be a large payment added to our monthly bills There is a lot to consider and think about before we sign those papers

    The question we get asked time after time is "what is the best motorcycle communication systems for bikers" We always follow this up immediately with another question - "what exactly are you looking for

    Sports cars have an appeal that is based on looks and performance They are fun to drive and give you a feeling of freedom

    As the government scrappage scheme has now ended car dealers and car manufacturers have quickly filled this gap with a similar offer They have called it the car swappage scheme whereby you can trade in your vehicle for a brand new car

    Used MINI - Full of Memories

    If I were buying a new car tomorrow I’d buy a used Mini It may seem like an unusual choice, but let me explain: the Mini, for me, is a nostalgia car, evoking memories of summer and sunshine, and that first heady taste of freedom… It was the summer of 1997 and my best mate and I were 17 years old

    A lot is being written these days about the electric cars and the future of automotive industry vis-a-vis green technology In the midst of all the excitement and jubiliation, we have already seen companies investing generous amounts of money in research and development in the electric car market space

    With all of the technology of today the paper automotive repair manual is useless These manuals are the same manuals that repair technicians utilize to do their job

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