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Victor Epand

Victor Epand is the owner of, a huge online jewelry retailer featuring the largest and best selection of jewelry including personalizable items...
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A new and improved mouth guard that can help individual athletes in sports such as basketball, baseball, wrestling, football, and many other sports as well.

The Toy Fair For Adults

This article briefly describes what happens at the American International Toy Fair. It also describes the functions the Toy industry Association which hosts this event.

The Birth Of The Electric Bass Guitar

Electric bass guitars are proving very popular with many players, including beginners. This article looks at their style and development, and how they grew from a fiddle rather than a guitar.

Teaching Kids Kindness To Animals

Kids can learn how to treat animals well with stuffed animals. You can teach your children about friendly animal care with stuffed toys.

Examination Of A Few Great Outdoor Bikes

There are some truly great outdoor bikes that are available on the market today for any avid biker to enjoy while out riding the trails.

Staying Warm: Choices For Insulation

A description of the different insulating materials used in coats and how and why certain materials tend to be used in specific situations.

Using Maps As Board Game Surfaces

This article introduces players to the type of board game surface which uses a map in order to enhance the game. These board games allow for the people to take over the world in order to succeed in the game.

Electronic Editions Of Board Games

This article speaks of board games that are now available as electronic editions of those popular board games. If you enjoy board games and would like to make the games easier to play, you will want to try electronic board games.

Parent who travel frequently with their children know that if they do not keep their children occupied with toys and activities, then their road trips will become hectic.

Options For Lighting While Camping

A desciption of the various options available to campers when it comes to light and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Rain Boots: From Function To Fashion

A brief description of the history of the rain boot and a comparison between the traditional style and those of modern day America.

The Importance Of Multi-Cultural Toys

It is important that children be exposed to toys that are culturally relevant for them. It is also important that they play with toys that represent other cultures as well.

Socks: A Key To Athletic Performance

A description of how high quality socks should function and an explanation of the different characteristics of socks designed for specific athletic pursuits.

The Several Styles Of The Bridal Bouquet

An overview of some of the most commonly used styles of bridal bouquets and the defining aspects of each, including the types of flowers usually used.

Fishing Lures: Types And Tactics

An overview of some of the more commonly used types of fishing lures and basic descriptions of how and why each is used.

Sailboats: Fun In Many Forms

Basic descriptions of a few of the more commonly seen types of sailboat and a summary of what differentiates one from another.

Playing House With Your Kids

You can play with your kids using their kitchen sets and other toys and help them learn. It is easy to teach children about responsible housekeeping when you make it fun.

The Secrets Of A Fretless Guitar

Some electric bass guitars are produced without frets. This article looks at how this is possible, and the reasons for wanting to play a guitar that is missing such a vital component.

Toy Gun Safety For Children

There is a bit of a controversy over children playing with toys guns. This articles talks about ways to safely allow your child to play with a toy gun.

Kids Can Exercise With Sports Toys

Children need to exercise more in this age of video games. You can encourage children to have fun exercising with sports toys.

Stuffed animals can be enjoyable for children, as long as they don't make them sick. This article offers tips on helping a child who is allergic to stuffed animals.

Workshop Cleans Up Old Camping Gear

There are a few wonderful businesses that will clean up your outdoor camping gear so that it will be ready for a brand new season of outdoor fun.

Hiking Equipment: It's The Little Things

A list of a few small pieces of hiking equipment that can have a large impact on the success of a hiking or camping trip.

Tips For Maintaining Children's Toys

Toy maintenance is important in relation to the entire home. In order to keep organization and sanitation in place in your home, take care of the toys.

Adding A Twist To The Electric Guitar

Electric guitars have a reputation for being different, and having a striking appearance - but in this article we look at a couple of ways in which the electric guitar can be adapted to create quite different voices.

The Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Video games have come a long way over the years. This article explains how children can benefit from playing video games.

The Inspired Imagination Of Children

This article talks about the wonder and importance of a child's imagination. Kids play with toys and just about anything and dream up situations for fun.

Children can have a blast playing outside with a new sled or new scooter that are sure to please any child of any age.

When purchasing sweatpants individuals can find them in a variety of styles and colors so that individuals can match them with their favorite shirt.

Never throw out old and worn out sweatshirts when they can be turned into some thing that will add a little creative flair.

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