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Jimmy Cox

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Every American should know the names of the Presidents. First we list the Presidents and find substitute words for their names. Beside each president write words of similar sound. The degree of similarity in sound is an individual matter. For the person who relies greatly on the aid of sound, the substituted word must be very like that of the word to be memorized.

The reader may sigh at the abundance and variety of things the full use of continuity, the proper development and connection of motion-picture sequences to create a smoothly joined, coherent motion-picture story, requires - the special shots to take, the cut-ins and cut-aways, the things to watch out for: screen direction, clean exits and entrances, and so on and on and on.

Perhaps you are not particularly interested in making money from selling potted plants, bulbs, or seeds. Still, you want a self-supporting or profit-making greenhouse. Although a number of hybridizers use their greenhouses to hasten the growth of many plants, including iris and roses, there are many things you can do with your greenhouse.

Football Basics: Delivering the Ball

On the assumption that you use either the overhand, or thumb method of holding the ball, the thing to consider is the delivery. For a start, the arm and hand are cocked backwards over the shoulder, elbow relatively close to the body, hand well back to where it feels comfortable and natural. Then, fire the ball forward as fast as you can.

Two important skills in basketball are faking and moving without the ball. Both should be practiced well.

You'll not get caught with your charge down if you give your car battery reasonable care.

Actors: Being the Emotional Physician

Hamlet said: "... we end the heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to ..." It has always been the function of the actor to be the emotional physician, who gives solace, encouragement and freedom of feeling to people who need it - when they need it.

Lettering is an important skill which draftsmen must learn to master. Lettering on plans and shop drawings must always be done freehand. Never use a ruling pen for small lettering. There are special kinds of pens known as Speedball, made by the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company of Camden, New Jersey, which are designed for this kind of lettering.

Diets for Your Inner Self

Diets can achieve amazing results if followed faithfully, and here are three excellent ones: a cleansing diet, a health diet and a reducing diet.

How To Grow Beautiful Bulbs Inside

There are very few more rewarding tasks in the cultivation of a home garden than forcing bulbs into riotous bloom in the middle of winter. With a little practice and a little foresight you can assure yourself of some wonderful spots of color throughout your house that will continue all winter long.

America is a nation of optimists. Most of us are willing to "take a chance" on a gaudy speculation if it appeals to us, even though we don't really know much about it.

Get Rich with Rental Properties

It is quite simple and easy to find rental properties to buy. There are three main methods.

Basic Yoga Tips and Tricks

What is the basic difference between concentration and meditation? In concentration, one involves only the mind; in meditation one involves the heart and the whole being as well.

Golf Basics: Know Your Clubs

If you have a good grip and a fundamental understanding of the basic swing, wood shots should not give you too much trouble. The full swing is employed in hitting both the fairway woods and the driver, but there is a distinct difference and, as a result, a different feeling between hitting a ball off a grassy lie and hitting off a tee.

How To Install A Silent Switch

A mercury-type light switch is easily installed as a replacement for noisy controls - it's perfect for bedroom or bath.

The Art of Show Jumping

There is often a certain feeling of relief when a fence, particularly a difficult one, has been left safely behind. Such a feeling endangers concentration, and for a few very important strides the rider may forget his preconceived plan and a very momentous phase in the round may be indifferently ridden.

Choosing the Right Wood for Turning

I can well remember my first approach to woodturning, and the subsequent visit to the timber yard in search of a few suitable pieces of wood. All I knew was that I wanted some hardwood suitable for turning and that it had to be well seasoned.

Throwing is one of the crucial aspects of judo technique. Below are some advice on these techniques.

Basketball Basics: How To Dribble

Dribbling is a very important fundamental of both offensive and defensive basketball. Offensively it is used to advance the ball in the back court, to make a drive-in to the basket, and to free oneself from close or congested defensive areas. Defensively, the dribble has become very effective in stalling tactics, especially when a press is being used.

Horseman in general are the most congenial, the most helpful group in the world, but don't like and won't accept phonies. Everyone wants to have the feeling of belonging whenever they join a horse group. A rider may become obnoxious, without meaning to, by the manners he displays and the way he manages his horse around others. To get "off on the right foot" is important.

Make One Dollar Do The Work Of Ten

A lever is one of the oldest tools known to man. You want to move a heavy stone which you could not budge with your bare hands. A lever applied in the right place will enable you to do the job for which otherwise several men would be required. Investment leverage works the same way. A dollar strategically placed can do the work of several dollars.

Understanding Susceptibility in Homeopathy

We may define susceptibility primarily as the reaction of the organism to external and internal influences. While we may point out striking illustrations of susceptibility in the vegetable kingdom or among the lower animals, the best illustrations are to be found among those human beings with whom we come in contact.

For persons with a large circle of friends, wedding presents may become something of a tax, but everyone naturally wishes to reciprocate the courtesy of an invitation by sending the bride a gift. The cost will depend on the circumstances of the donor, and the degree of intimacy.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Query a dozen dog breeders as to what they feed their dogs and you'll more than likely get a dozen different answers. You'll find the subject of dog feeding very similar to politics; it will start an argument most any time. How and what you feed your dog are for you to decide.

Golf: Practice Makes Perfect

If you are serious about your golf practice, you would be well advised to add a large mirror to your equipment. Any old Victorian relic, if large enough, will do, and it matters little if it is cracked. Any second-hand furniture dealer should be able to meet your requirements, and when you have found what you want set it up against the wall of your garage or box-room.

Scuba Diving Safety Explained

Safety, while extremely important underwater, is just as important to a diver above water. Many of the accidents with which divers come in contact occur either before or after the actual dive. Let's categorize the prevention of these accidents as either mechanical or behavioral, and deal with each in turn.

Building Your Model Ship Skills

Well known nineteenth century American clippers are suitable for model building, because they represent an age of splendor, performance and historical significance. Aside from the construction of them, there is a patriotic pride of possession attached to them.

Plan The Perfect Sailboat Cruise

Sailboat living is for the entire family. And the most popular of all family boating sports is cruising. This may range anywhere from a few hours' trip to a week or more.

Helpful Tips for Night Fishing

The great majority of salt-water anglers go out during the daytime and rarely venture forth at night. But today more and more anglers are discovering that plenty of fish and good sport can also be had at night. In fact, if you are interested in big fish which are found near shore, your chances are much better fishing at night than during the daytime.

Mending Minor Rips and Tears

Mending can be fun if you treat it as an art and work for careful, durable, flat finishes. Study the weave of the fabric and try to duplicate it. Try to get as invisible a finish as possible except where you are making a decorative mend.

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