When most people think of traveling to Sin City, what comes to mind most are the casinos, bright lights, parties, themed hotels, and all the incredible shows and concerts. But, there are other activities that offer a short break from the hustle and bustle. Las Vegas Grand Canyon bus tours are day trips into Arizona that provide an unforgettable opportunity for participants.

Nestled completely in Arizona, this state park is one of the more popular tourist spots in the whole country. It offers breathtaking views of the true beauty of nature, plenty of thrilling adventures, and the chances to visit Native American reservations for culture and gifts. Millions of years in the making, there is nothing else quite like it in all the world.

Tours leaving from Las Vegas are quite popular for several reasons, beginning with the selection in options. Proximity is another benefit, as the West Rim is only 120 miles eastward. The prices of these ventures are rather attractive, beginning at around $80 and upgrades like helicopter or boat rides.

Buses leave each morning between 7-7:30 a. M., while the deluxe options head out slightly later. These trips last the entire day, with those to the West Rim returning to the Vegas strip somewhere near 8 p. M., and the South Rim vehicles getting in around 9 in the evening. All excursions will venture out past Lake Mead, and give passengers an opportunity to take photos at Hoover Dam.

It takes roughly three hours for the tour vehicles to reach the West Rim, where tourist go for thrills and adventures. Some individuals like to upgrade by adding an incredible helicopter ride that will take them down to the bottom of the chasm. This area is a popular destination for those who enjoy activities such as hiking, cycling, slow water or rapid river rafting, swimming, and more.

The world famous Skywalk is located in the West Rim, and is an experience one is most unlikely to forget. It is a 70' long bridge, completely made of glass, and extending roughly 4,000' above the bottom of the chasm. Though a truly a memorable activity, it is definitely not one meant for those who have an extreme fear of heights. Guests will have a birds-eye view of Guano, and Eagle Points, and incredible photo opportunities.

The South Rim is about 270 miles outside of Vegas, requiring nearly 5.5 hours to drive, and though it takes a bit longer, this is a popular choice to get the best scenic views. There is about a 3 hour window for guests to explore places such as Yaki Point, Mather Point, or the park village. Upgrade with a helicopter ride, which will go out towards the North Rim via the deepest section of the chasm known as Dragoon Corridor, for stunning photographic advantages.

The price of these Vegas tours are set, with no surprise costs. They include amenities like a light breakfast, lunch, snack breaks along the way, as well as all the fees, taxes and fuel charges required. Although they are referred to as buses, the vehicles used are more like customized van or jeeps, that can seat only up to about 12 people. This type of outing has more flexibility and is an incredible value for the money one invests.

A Grand Canyon bus will take you on the tour South Rim and West Rim. To book your trip online, go to this website at http://www.grandcanyondaytrips.com/bus/.

A Grand Canyon bus will take you on the tour South Rim and West Rim. To book your trip online, go to this website at http://www.grandcanyondaytrips.com/bus/.