Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. The lights never go out, the fun does not stops, the party is endless, and there is always something entertaining to do. To add yet another thrilling adventure to one's Sin City getaway, book a Grand Canyon airplane tour for a day trip to a truly amazing natural wonder.

This natural wonder was slowly created over millions of years. A unique sight manifested by the great Colorado River wearing a rut through the rock that gradually got deeper with each drop of water that passed over it. Today, the result of that rushing onslaught is a chasm that is 277 miles long, with a span of more than 18 miles from one rim to the other at certain points, and a depth that extends over a mile at key areas.

Millions of people visit this beautiful National Park every year, experiencing it in many ways. Some of the more popular tourists options are hiking, backpacking, mule rides, bus charters, jeep excursions, cycling. However, none of these can match the amazing feeling one gets from flying over the chasm on the way to either the South or West Rim, and beholding the awesomeness of nature from an aerial angle.

365 mornings a year, up to 4 flights take off from Las Vegas, heading directly to the park. Normally, this trip would take between 2.5-5.5 hours by bus, but the plane ride is just 25 minutes to reach the West Rim, and a mere 45 to reach the South. Aside from the incredible view one gets on the way to their destination, another benefit of flying is that the short duration allows one to be fresh and energetic upon arrival and ready to begin.

Contrary to the popular misconception that these tours utilize small, uncomfortable aircraft, the most common mode of transportation is a roomy Vistaliner that can seat up to 19 individuals. The planes are flown by two pilots with FAA certifications. The craft have larger than normal windows for better viewing during flight, lounge style chairs, and climate control for ultimate comfort.

Anyone taking this type of tour is surely going to want to make sure they are properly prepared before embarking. All participants will need to be on time, with confirmation letter, picture identification, and the credit card used to book the trip in hand. Having all the necessary documentation ready will speed the check in process up significantly.

The ride to one's destination is as big an adventure as the tour of the chasm, itself, so make sure all phones, cameras and video devices are fully charged and ready to go. The flight from Las Vegas to the airport in Arizona, takes riders over the stunning Mojave Desert, beautiful Lake Mead, the fascinating Hoover Dam, and much more. Seeing these locations from above is truly unforgettable.

As these tours are extremely popular and tend to fill quickly, it is recommended to book a minimum of five days prior to one's target flight date. The planes only leave in the mornings, but there are at least three each day. Whether wanting to visit the South Rim to partake of the incredible natural views, or to the West Rim for fun and thrilling adventures, flying is the most memorable way to get there.

If you are searching for information about Grand Canyon airplane, come to our web pages today. Additional details are available at now.

If you are searching for information about Grand Canyon airplane, come to our web pages today. Additional details are available at now.