Most tourists planning a vacation out west, will not want to miss stopping in Las Vegas to visit the casinos and try their luck at gambling. Others want to visit the Grand Canyon, the most visited National Park in the United States. One of the best ways to do that from Las Vegas is by taking a tour on the Las Vegas helicopters.

Although it is not the capital city of Nevada, Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada. With temperatures ranging from sixty degrees to one hundred four degrees during the day and between forty degrees and sixty degrees at night, the weather is just about perfect all year round. The climate is not humid so the temperature does not feel as hot or as cold as it would in the eastern states where humidity is high most of the time.

Besides the many casinos and fancy restaurants on the Strip, there is no lack of things to do in the big city. Enjoy a horseback tour, ride a roller coaster, try out indoor skydiving, visit the Adventuredome Theme Park or enjoy the different shows and musicals. There is something enjoyable for everyone. To get around town and see the sites, visitors can walk, rent a car or a scooter, ride the monorail or a bus or drive their own car.

The Grand Canyon is divided into three main parts. The North Rim is the most remote area with the least amount of visitors. Higher in elevation than the other two areas, there are numerous coniferous trees and cooler weather. This area, with its beautiful overlooks and peaceful atmosphere, is only open during the summer months.

The southeast part of the canyon is made up of two Indian reservations: the Hualapai Reservation and the Havasupai Reservation. There is a thirty-five dollar charge to visit this area of the Canyon. Some places in this area are hard to reach, and some take more than a day to visit.

The South Rim is where the action is, and where the majority of the visitors spend their time. The Watchtower, the Bright Angel trail head and the Hermit's Rest are favorite favorite places to visit. Visitors enjoy the wide variety of birds, the interesting squirrels with tuft ears, mule deer and on occasion other animals.

Helicopter tours originating in the big city all provide aerial views of the Grand Canyon, and the longer ones allow time for exploring in the park. Depending on the price of the tour, guests are picked up at their hotel by a van or a limousine. All rides are in large, comfortable helicopters with large windows.

Enjoy a recorded narrative, with personal headphones, or listen to a tour guide explain the sites that can be seen from the windows. As an added benefit, the pilots fly over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam before landing at the national park. Guests can choose a short tour or one that lasts all day, depending on how they want to spend their time.

Las Vegas helicopters let you get a bird's eye view of Grand Canyon and beyond. To book your exciting tour online, visit this website at

Las Vegas helicopters let you get a bird's eye view of Grand Canyon and beyond. To book your exciting tour online, visit this website at