In this era of new media, there are hundreds of ways in which one can make hundreds of dollars but people often remain unaware of the opportunities like making money through availing travel search engine script. Considering that the online travel industry is growing in proportion with the expanding travel and tourism industry, TravelAffiliateGuru brings the opportunity for one to have a full-featured professional PHP script that will make it easier for one to create an affiliate travel search engine website. The fully automated and self-updating travel search engine script provided by the company helps the traveler to search in 30 different languages and to find 2,360,426 hotels worldwide and much more. With the ownership of a cheap hosting account and a domain name, one can literally make more than thousands of dollars with the help of this hotel search engine script.

Beyond serving the clients with hotel search, this script has been designed to offer flight search engine, rental cars search engine, cruise search engine, and video & blog as well. Often recognized as the best Amazon affiliate store, this platform has been recognized for helping one to make money from the leads generated by visitors willing to search for discounted hotel rates, Flight, Cruises, rental cars etc. Adding to the convenience of the business, the script has been efficiently designed to run on any hosting account with PHP support and MySQL database support. With more than hundreds of pleased clients, TravelAffiliateGuru pursues to grow every single day.

Offering repeated engrossment with the experience, the platform requires the hosting space to be of minimum 500 MB. Catering to the need of monetizing a travel affiliate site, TravelAffiliateGuru has become the first choice for many. The site is also enabled with AdSense and other advertising in a bid to help one to generate extra revenue.

How Income is Generated ?

You will be paid as an affiliate for leads generated by visitors who are interested in searching for discounted hotel rates, Flight, Cruises, Rental Cars and other ..

You get paid regardless if someone books a room or not! The Affiliate tracking cookie will be valid for 365 days which means in case he comes to the site and register later, you will get paid for that lead as well. The flight search engine also pays per lead, at $0.40, with no booking compulsion.

Travel Affiliate Guru has ensured that the script can be instantly downloaded for instant operation, too, with the license instantly delivered as well. The installation, which the company or the user can perform, is an easy-to-follow and well-documented process. The travel site can be easily published online, effectively managed, and efficiently monetized as soon as the installation is finished.

Upon installation, the user can be paid as an affiliate with his/her income generated by visitors searching for information about discounted rates on hotels, flights, cruises, and rental vehicles.

About TravelAffiliateGuru:

The professional PHP script provider and installer includes more than 2.36 million hotels worldwide with searches possible in 30 languages. Its website is fully automatic and optimized for SEO purposes, too.

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