The Grand Canyon attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. It is a famous site that is part of the natural wonders that have stunning views. The canyon is approximately 18 miles wide, 277 miles long and 1 mile in depth. There are several view points and a lot of distance to cover. The best way to tour the entire phenomena and enjoy astonishing views is through Grand Canyon flights.

There are a couple of airstrips that you can take off from and you can choose between landing tours and just basic air tours. You can find basic tours at the West Rim and the South Rim. These tours will take you over the National Park and over most of the important landmarks. Landing tours will take you to the West Rim. You will get an opportunity to land and enjoy boat rides at the Colorado River. You will also land at the sky-walk passes and at the bottom of the Canyon.

Flights that head to the Rim on the West take off from Las Vegas. If you want to head to the South Rim you will have to be at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Tours by flight are available all days of the year. However, they are more frequent when the tourist numbers are high. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands the helicopter rides are perfect.

People who want to explore more can opt for the landing tours. The longest duration for a landing trip is about 6 hours. You can get a landing tour to the West Rim in an all-inclusive package that caters for lunch, a shuttle service back to your hotel and great navigation form a highly skilled pilot.

If you opt for the South Rim you will not get to land anywhere. You will also have to organize a means to get to the airport. The journey is a few minutes from the National Parks lodging. It is important to have a few items when touring this wonder. Do not forget to have a camera as you will come across some of the most breathtaking views of your life.

Other than the astonishing views you get to learn a lot form the guides. Most of the firms offering the flights have guides to accompany you. You will benefit a lot from their knowledge about the heritage site.

It is important to plan ahead so that you can enjoy the trip. Find information about the flight tours from the internet. There is a lot of information from the official website as well as from the sites of tour operators. If you are lucky you will get special discounts. Remember to book early because this allows you to save on costs.

The earlier you book the higher the chances of landing better deals. It is advisable to book a flight 3 days in advance. Visibility is best before midday and this is when some of the best flights take off. There are plenty of air tours all year round. Compare different offers from different operators and remember to make your booking in advance.

Book your Grand Canyon flights directly through our online page. To check the next scheduled airplane/helicopter tours now, go to

Book your Grand Canyon flights directly through our online page. To check the next scheduled airplane/helicopter tours now, go to