Some of the most amazing sights one will ever behold, are those created by nature. They can be breathtaking to see from a variety of viewpoints, each one providing a new and incredible perspective. Grand Canyon helicopters tours allow visitors to take in the full majesty of this natural wonder from the sky and understand just how wonderful and massive it truly is.

Completely encompassed within the northern region of Arizona, this incredible chasm was carved out by the raging Colorado River over millions of years. It is recognized world wide, and is among the top tourist draws in the United States. It features great vantage points, a national park, two Native American Indian reservations, camping, rafting, hiking, biking, and even donkey rides.

Stretching over 277mi, reaching a width of up to eighteen miles in some spots, and extending more than a mile deep at certain points, it is an absolutely awe inspiring natural feature. It can be really difficult for one to comprehend the fullness of such a wonder when they can only view a small portion of it at a time. A helicopter ride is a great way to behold so much more of this magnificence at once.

While this is not the deepest, widest, longest, or oldest chasm on the planet, thanks to its unique environmental conditions, it does offer a glimpse into the past that no other place on Earth can provide. In certain areas, the various layers of rock are so well preserved that one is able to view a geologic history that spans an excess of two billion years. The colorfully pristine walls are absolutely unforgettable.

Of all the ways to explore this great location, seeing it from the sky is one of the more exciting options. The tours fly over the parts that offer some really spectacular view and interesting features not as clearly seen from ground level. The excursion could pass over the very popular South Rim to take in the Dragoon Corridor, Hoover Dam and beautiful Lake Mead, on the way to the West Rim.

There are different packages available to fit the adventure levels of many types of visitors. For those who prefer a simple aerial view of this natural wonder, a half day tour may be the perfect solution, allowing one to see so much from a truly breathtaking perspective. Those who are a bit more adventurous, might find a full day excursion to better suit their tastes, as these can be combined with other activities.

All of the pilots are seasoned professionals who have the experience and special training required to deal with the unique flying conditions found in the chasm. Many of the flights will pass through the Dragoon Corridor, which in itself is an experience, and deliver an incredible thrill by suddenly emerging in to the vast open sky. Others will take the more than 4,000 foot descent to the ground so that passengers can enjoy a picnic, boat ride, or hike.

These tours take place year round, each season delivering something unique. This is an unforgettable experience that not only pleases the senses, but leaves one with a sense of awe realizing just how old this natural wonder is. A qualified pilot and expert staff do their best to give each guest an amazing adventure.

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The author is an expert on Grand Canyon helicopters and recommends these heli rides as well as these coupons that will help you get them at a cheaper price: