You’ve worked hard to set up your business/farm/hostel… but do you yearn for some extra help/more quality time at home with friends and family? Have you ever thought about opening up your home/business/property to a caretaker/housesitter so that you can have the luxury of time/travel and peace of mind knowing all is being looked after for you? Then read on… (and be sure to read to the end for a special/limited time offer.)

A caretaker is someone- from your local area, the same country or living abroad who will come to your home/business/property and live in it for you. Depending on the level of work you need done, they may be paid a salary as well as being given free accommodation. It really is up to the individual owner and caretaker to work out what will work best for each and for how long. If you own a farm, B&B, ranch, small homestead/lifestyle block, hostel etc. then having a caretaker/housesitter come to help you (or replace you) when you need it most/want to get away/free up more of your time is a great way to do just this.

The benefits of having someone caretaking/housesitting your business or home etc. are numerous. Having a presence in the property gives peace of mind as the property is being lived in and any issues that crop up are quickly dealt with. Insurance companies usually insist that properties are not left empty for too long- so having someone living in your house/caretaking your business avoids insurance problems if something were to happen. Having someone to look after your beloved pets in their own home rather than at the kennels, the flowers watered, the garden tended to, grass cut and even some help with utilities while you are off on your own travels, are all reasons that more and more owners are now seeking caretakers/housesitters.

Using Skype and email, owners can now meet up with those looking for a caretaking position to arrange all the details. It’s important that both owners and potential caretakers are aware of who’s paying for what (especially gas/electric), whether a salary will be paid (and how much), the hours per week/day you expect the person to work for etc. Some sort of written contract drawn up is recommended, to avoid any disputes before/during/after the caretaking position has ended. Obtaining police checks/references from your potential caretaker is always advised.

Done well, caretaking can be a win/win for both owners and caretakers.

Caretaking/housesitting is a rapidly growing trend as more people see the benefits of the incredible opportunities that exist around the world. The easiest way to tap into this trend and find a caretaker/housesitter for your home or business is to pay for an email alert to go out to people who are interested in caretaking/housesitting or place an advert in an e-zine with worldwide subscribers. The new e-magazine The Caretaker Magazine does just that for you. To put an advert in The Caretaker Magazine to find a caretaker/housesitter there is a special discounted rate of US$0.20c per word (instead of the normal rate of US$0.30c per word.)

If you would like to advertise your business (tour/travel company etc.) in the Caretaker Magazine please use the contact details below.

About the author: Belinda is about to launch a new monthly e-zine: The Caretaker Magazine, for all those whose bucket list includes a lot of travel! Originally from the U.K she now lives in New Zealand with her family. See her website at Email:

Belinda has just launched a new monthly e-zine: The Caretaker Magazine for all those whose bucket list includes a lot of travel! Originally from the U.K she now lives in New Zealand with her family. See her website at or email her for more information about caretaking at: