There are a lot of Las Vegas helicopter tours that land at the bottom. And some are better than others. To help you sort through the best, here are my Top 3 trips that fly below the rim and go to the base.

From Vegas

First, a quick bit of information about bottom landing helicopter tours: they are only available from Las Vegas. The ones at South Rim are air-only and only fly over the Canyon, which, in my opinion, is why the Vegas flights are super special.

My #1 favorite is the basic version of the landing tour. It's often referred to as the Champagne Picnic tour because you first fly 3,500 feet to the bottom, land and then toast your adventure with friends and family at the bottom.

My #2 favorite is the same tour except it's the deluxe version. This one starts with a limousine pick up from your Las Vegas Strip hotel and then departure from an airstrip on The Strip (the basic departs from Boulder City, which is a 35-minute shuttle ride from LV).

The Route

The flight path for the basic and the deluxe are essentially the same. They both go over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Colorado River before entering Canyon airspace and the descent to the bottom.

Basic and deluxe also use the EcoStar 130 helicopter, which is 25 percent larger than a standard helicopter and boasts stadium-style seats, a 180-degree windshield and extremely comfortable A/C (important when temperatures soar over 100 degrees).

My #3 tour is the one I refer to as the MEGA TOUR. It's also known as the 4-in-1 tour because it goes to the top and the bottom and comes with a Colorado River boat ride and VIP tickets to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Lunch is at the top and can be taken at the Skywalk complex or out at Guano Point.


The Skywalk, by the way, is an all-glass bridge that lets you walk 70 feet over the edge of the Canyon. By the time you reach its farthest point, you'll be standing an incredible 3,500 feet over the bottom. Views from this vantage point are incredible, especially ones of Guano and Eagle Point.

Take into the consideration the weather. It's been super hot out here in Las Vegas (it's part of the Mojave Desert, the same desert that Death Valley inhabits). I suggest you dress for comfort and heat. Start by wearing sunglasses, sun block and a brimmed hat to protect you from the sun's rays.

Landing tours from Vegas are very very popular. As such, I recommend that you book your tour way in advance. Best practice is to book it right after you reserve your airplane flight to Vegas and/or your hotel room. That way you are guaranteed seats.

You'll also get the best price if you book your tour online. I've see rates nearly 35% off the retail price. But pay attention: You have to complete your booking online in order to get that incredible Internet discount rate.


I hope this article about Grand Canyon helicopters from Las Vegas that land at the bottom proved helpful as you plan your trip. Personally, I like tour #2. It's the deluxe landing tour and it combines the best of the Canyon with the Vegas Strip. But what really makes this package a deal is the limo and the extended tour over The Strip.

The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends going here for the best South Rim helicopter tours and here for ones that depart from Las Vegas:

The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends going here for the best South Rim helicopter tours and here for ones that depart from Las Vegas: