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We all love how versatile pickup trucks are Whether it’s a long drive on the highway, working your way through the deep woods on a dirt road, or traversing muddy terrain, our pickup trucks go through abuse every day

Legal Rule Under normal circumstances the general rule is that an arbitration award shall be valid only if signed on all pages by the arbitrator However the exception to this rule is that the arbitrator's signature on the last page alone of the award shall suffice provided the last page contains a part of the reasoning of the award

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Charles Caleb Colton My husband and I recently visited some close family friends, Peter and Lauren, and their boy, James

Going to Las Vegas this Memorial Day holiday Then you've got to add a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon to your list of things to do

Memorial Day vacation is coming up and it's the perfect time to do a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas or the South Rim Just remember that this is one of summer's biggest U

The weather is absolutely fabulous at the Grand Canyon, which means it's time to turn on the PC or any of your other devices and book a tour online But before you hit "the buy" button, here are 5 tips that all National Park travelers must know in order to get the trip of their dreams

Have you ever wondered why some people just have that gift for engaging their clients more than others Why do we hang on every word of the charismatic and the gregarious

Have you ever wondered what is inside your washing machine that actually makes it clean your clothes Your washing machine has probably cleaned your clothes hundreds of times for you without you knowing how

A pizza paddle is a culinary tool that resembles a shovel It can even be described as a giant spatula

Cheques in the United Arab Emirates

Since a cheque is meant to replace money, people must have trust in it Therefore the United Arab Emirates penal law levied a punishment against anyone issuing insufficient funds its due date

The vast deserts, the bustling cities, and the enormous skyscrapers of the United Arab Emirates eclipse the comprehensive legal system that accounts for the everyday workings of daily life For those living in the country and those that understand the ins and outs of the system, it is a magnificent organism that details the protection of its inhabitants

Custody laws in the United Arab Emirates are mainly transcribed in Federal Law No 28 of the year 2005 (UAE Personal Affairs Law), and I will refer to these articles in covering the Court's discretion in family law issues

Sudden death syndrome is like something out of a horror movie It comes at you out of the blue

Legal Principle Article 215 and 217 of the Civil Procedures Law of the UAE states that a person does not have the right to enter into an arbitration agreement if the signatory does not have the authority to bind the person it is representing through a private power of attorney to sign such a contract to arbitrate

Legal Principle Under normal circumstances it is presumed that Arbitration procedures have been complied with by all concerned parties The burden of proof to prove the contrary shall fall on the party claiming so

One of the quickest ways to get to the Grand Canyon is by airplane And from Las Vegas, you have a choice of going to the West Rim and the South Rim

One of the best ways to experience the Grand Canyon is to see it from the air by helicopter or airplane In order to make sure you get an epic flight, I wrote these 5 tips

Las Vegas Grand Canyon bus tours are an awesome way to experience the National Park They are the cheapest way, too

The Benefits of Dating a Millionaire

Millionaire dating is the new talk of the town Whether, the wealthy man, is old, divorced or single does not ring in the minds of many

How to Date a Cougar Woman Successfully?

Age gap dating is somehow stressful, particularly when a younger man does not know how to make their first step Others end up quitting within a short period

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